Where to Sell Music Online?

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Where to “Sell Music online”?

While MySpace is a few things of a musical backwater recently, despite Justin Timberlake’s intervention, it’s still an area to post one’s songs and updates for a musically bound audience. a lot of stronger and with a stronger sense of community tho’ is SoundCloud. I started uploading instrumentals and songs to Soundcloud several years past then again opted for a paid account to induce additional comprehensive statistics likewise as pretty much-unlimited house for audio files.

Followers on SoundCloud square measure unremarkably fellow musicians and, like all the opposite social networks, you get additional out of them the additional you place in — follow others, hear their music and leave comments and additional folks can reciprocate. there’s significantly conjointly the choice to feature “buy” links to different services through that your listeners, audience, fans, even, may pay to transfer a track or 2.

The first probably profitable possibility I stumbled on was ReverbNation. it’s terribly kind of like SoundCloud — you’ll produce a profile and begin adding your music, you’ll set a worth or build it liberated to transfer. Also, you’ll either take all the profits when the site’s commission or like better to share with a charity of your selection. In my case, I provide a proportion of each sale to the Fender Music Foundation.

It may simply be my expertise, however, ReverbNation appears plenty quieter in terms of community than SoundCloud and though I buy a gentle stream of profile views, few folks appear to concentrate there. Moreover, ReverbNation messages users quite ofttimes with offers of music promotion, that appear to consider one having purchased a “press pack” up-front.

The next website that appeared on my measuring instrument was BandCamp, that conjointly permits you to transfer your songs and design and set a worth. the massive advantage is that your fans have the choice to point out their true devotion and pay quite the price if they adore a track or album. I actually have had some success with promoting on Bandcamp, although, once more I don’t assume I’m able to hand over the day job simply nonetheless.

Where to Sell Music online?

Sell Music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play
Of course, within the music transfer world, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and Spotify square measure the primarily paid retailers and also the most well-known among legitimate downloaders. obtaining your songs and music album on to those music sites typically needs you to possess correct music management and a record label however there square measure different ways that to induce listed likewise.

The likes of music distribution platforms like CDBaby Associate in Nursing TuneCore take a direct fee and will act as a proxy for a record label to induce your music on to iTunes and different online music stores. Your music uploads can seem in stores worldwide. These services, like Audiam, even have a partnership with YouTube and you’re paid a share of the ad revenue whenever your music is used on YouTube videos.

DistroKid, on the opposite hand, charges Associate in Nursing nearly negligible annual fee, doesn’t take a cut of the profits and even so permits you to transfer as several songs as you prefer every year. It takes a couple of days for your tracks to propagate to iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, and Rdio, however, it’s a really slick and straightforward method.

In addition, there is loudr.fm which is analogous to DistroKid for obtaining your songs on to iTunes, Amazon, et al quickly and seamlessly, however with one vital difference — it permits you to transfer and sell “cover” versions of different people’s songs by taking care of the licensing and royalties for the songster. The service charges no direct fee, however, takes a comparatively massive cut of any profits from the transfer stores.

Music Distribution Services – Comparison

Service Upfront Cost Sales Commission Supported Music Stores
BandCamp None 15% of the total sales None
ReverbNation $19.95 per month None iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, et al
CD Baby $12.95 per single 9% of the revenue from music sites iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Beats Music, Shazam, Facebook, YouTube, et al
DistroKid $19.99 per year None iTunes, Spotify, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon MP3
Loudr.fm None 15% of the sales revenue iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and Google Play
TuneCore $9.99 per year per single None iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, and more.



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