20 Most Expensive Domain Names Sold

Most Expensive Domain Names Sold
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Top 20 Most expensive domain names:

In this 20 “most expensive domain” names listing, many of the domains are related to adult, gambling and investment industry.  Tough giving an exact figure is tough due to the mode of transaction and other constraints; still, this listing contains domains which are known to have accounts of.  Here is the listing:-



VacationRentals.com – This deal happened in 2007 and the transaction was for $35 million. This is the best ever deal made to purchase any domain.  Mind Sharples, the founder of HomeAway, is the new owner of this domain and admitted that he bought it, as he didn’t want his competitor Expedia to acquire it.




PrivateJet.com – This deal got here very close to become the all-time highest deal ever made for domain selling.  This transaction happened in 2012 at $ 30.18 million.




Insure.com – Insure.com’s deal happened in 2009 and occurs to be the second highest deal of all time for 3 years when PrivateJet.com broke this record.  The deal was made at $ 16 million.




Sex.com – Right here comes the first deal from the Adult Movie business.  The deal was made for $ 14 million and happened in October of 2010.  This domain is doing very properly, as it’s linked with probably the most searched keywords on SERPs.




Hotels.com – This domain was bought for $ 11 million in 2001, nevertheless, the new owner of this domain couldn’t really confirm at what worth the domain has been purchased, in a TV interview to BBC.




Fund.com – It was bought within the year 2008 at a whopping value of $ 9.9 million.  This domain is meant for a financial service, however, this domain is still not live.  I don’t know if the owner is ready to resell this domain in near future.



Adult Movie

P-rn.com – It’s another entry from the Adult Industry.  No surprise why this website is doing so effectively and why new owner spent $ 9.5 million to acquire it in 2007.




Fb.com – Facebook bought fb.com in November 2010 at a value of $ 8.5 million from American Farm Bureau Federation.  At present this domain is redirected to www.facebook.com, but, hopefully, Facebook will make good use of this domain and the money spent on buying it.




Business.com – This domain was bought for $ 7.5 million in December 1999.  Next entry in this listing also worth the same amount spent on this deal, but it surely was made seven years after this one, due to this fact ranked below.



diamond Most expensive domain names

Diamond.com – This domain was acquired in 2006 at a value of $ 7.5 million.  This domain now’s live as a diamond on-line purchasing website.  It’s actually not shocking why the owner paid a huge amount for this website; in any case, he’s using it to sell one of the most valuable substances available on the planet.



Beer.com – It was sold in 2004 at a value of $ 7 million.  This domain is featuring for resale on www.aftermarket.com.  God bless owner and may they be able to make a very good revenue out of this domain.




Israel.com – Deal for this domain was carried out in 2008 at a value of $ 5.88 million.  Nevertheless, there may be not much info available for this domain.  Even Google can’t discover it!




Online casino.com – This domain was bought to Mansion Limited of Gibraltar in 2007 and deal was settled at a value of $ 5.5 million, however, this funding has given great ROI to the brand new owner.



Slots.com – This deal happened in 2010 and credited $ 5.5 million in earlier owner’s account.  Bodog, a Russian on-line gaming website grew to become the brand new owner and created a brand new game on this domain.



Asseenontv.com – This domain was bought by LA Group in 2000 for a worth of $ 5.1 million.  This domain was used to guard the brand name “asseenattv.com” of LA Group.  That is the biggest domain deal made for defense purpose.




Toys.com – This domain made $ 5.1 million in 2009 for the previous owner.  This domain was bought by American market leader ToysRUs.



Korea.com – This is the second domain in our record which is named after a country.  Korea.com deal was achieved at a price of $ 5 million in 2004.  The brand new owner of this domain is Korea.com Communications.



SEO.com – This deal happened in 2007 and is considered to be a wiser one.  Michael Mann, owner of BuyDomains understood the significance of getting a very good domain name; due to this fact, he sold his company and invested in SEO.com.




Clothes.com – Zappos acquired clothes.com in 2008 with a quantity of $4.9 million.  This domain is used to redirect on-line clothes line shop of zappos.com.



Icloud.com – Apple Inc bought this domain at a value of $ 4.5 million in 2011.  Apple was trying to find all i-domains, worldwide and purchased this domain after buying iphone.com, which was not as huge a deal to say on this list.

Now, for those who ever consider making a living via domain flipping and located an amazing domain name which is available, grab that name immediately. You possibly can, afterward, sell those domains for the upper value. Do keep in mind, in 2014 many new TLD’s are launching (Many of them are already launched), and that is the best time to become a domainer and earn money.

Below are what I believe are the top ten locations to “sell your domain names”:

  • Afternic.
  • Sedo.
  • Flippa.
  • Aftermarket.com.
  • Cax.com.
  • Brand Bucket.
  • Hunting Moon.
  • 4.cn.

If you happen to love this list of “most expensive domain names”, don’t neglect to share it on Facebook and Twitter and let others learn about this profitable business model. Also, if in case you have ever experienced domain flipping your self, do share your experience.

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