25 Best Horror Movies of All Time (watch before you die)

25 most terrifying horror movies
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Best Horror Movies of All Time

“Horror Movies” are the most popular category of movies when it’s come to DVD sale, or home watching, it has a very wide range of viewers, so below are my picks of “Best Horror Movies of All Time”, if you all have any more title to add please comment in the comment box, I will add them to the list.

 1. The Witch (2015)

92 min | Horror, Mystery

The Witch

IMDB 6.8 
83 Metascore

New England, 1630: William and Katherine try to lead a religious Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness, with 5 kids. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to activate each other. ‘The Witch’ is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling inside their very own sins, leaving them prey for an inconceivable evil.

DirectorRobert Eggers | StarsAnya Taylor-JoyRalph InesonKate Dickie, Julian Richings

Gross: $25.14M



2. It Follows (2014)

 Horror, Thriller

It Follows

IMDB 6.9
83 Metascore

A young lady, Jay, goes on a date with a guy she hardly is aware of. They’ve sex, after which he informs her that there’s a shape-shifting entity following him, and, now that he is made love to her, it’s going to follow her. Soon Jay discovers that he’s telling the truth. Her friends and sister do not initially believe her, but they’re soon witnesses to the malevolent intentions of the sinister being.

DirectorDavid Robert Mitchell | StarsMaika MonroeKeir GilchristOlivia LuccardiLili Sepe

Gross: $14.67M





3. The Conjuring (2013)

112 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Conjuring

IMDB 7.5
68 Metascore

In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family right into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm home and soon strange things begin happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the famous paranormal investigators, Ed, and Lorraine Warren, to examine the home. What the Warrens discover is a whole area steeped in a satanic haunting that’s now focusing on the Perron family wherever they go. To stop this evil, the Warrens must call upon all their skills and spiritual power to defeat this spectral menace at its source that threatens to destroy everyone concerned.

DirectorJames Wan | StarsPatrick WilsonVera FarmigaRon Livingston, Lili Taylor

Gross: $137.40M

4. Split  (2016)

Horror, Thriller

SplitIMDB 7.5

62 Metascore

Three girls, led by the wittiest Casey are kidnapped by a person with a multiple character disorder. He has 23 personalities and the girls have to seek out the ones that will help set them free. But, issues get a bit scarier when a frightening 24th persona, “The Beast”, is coming for them.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan | Stars: James McAvoyAnya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu RichardsonJessica Sula

 Gross: $138.29M

5. Evil Dead (2013)

Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Evil Dead

IMDB 6.5

5 twenty-something friends become holed up in a distant cabin. Once they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession till just one is left intact to fight for survival.

Director: Fede Alvarez | Stars: Jane LevyShiloh FernandezJessica Lucas,Lou Taylor Pucci

Gross: $54.24M

6. Halloween (1978)

Horror, Thriller

HalloweenIMDB  7.8

81 Metascore

In 1963, Michael Myers stabbed his 15 year-old sister to death. He was institutionalized and according to his doctor, Sam Loomis, is the personification of evil. On the day before Halloween 15 years later, Myers manages to flee and heads for his home city. On Halloween night time, he goes on a rampage while Loomis and the local sheriff search Myers’ neighborhood for him. In the meantime, Laurie Strode, a serious student who hardly ever goes out on dates, is babysitting a neighbor’s child. Little does she know the danger she is in.

Director: John Carpenter | Stars: Donald PleasenceJamie Lee CurtisTony MoranNancy Kyes

Gross: $47.00M

7. The Exorcist (1973)


The Exorcist

82 Metascore

A visiting actress in Washington, D.C., notices dramatic and harmful changes in the behavior and physical make-up of her 12-year-old daughter. In the meantime, a young priest at nearby Georgetown University begins to doubt his religion whereas coping with his mom’s terminal sickness. And, book-ending the story, a frail, aged priest recognizes the necessity for a showdown with an old demonic enemy.

Director: William Friedkin | Stars: Ellen BurstynMax von SydowLinda Blair, Lee J. Cobb

 Gross: $232.91M

8. The Others (2001)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Others

IMDB 7.6

74 Metascore

A girl named Grace retires with her two kids to a mansion on Jersey, in direction of the end of the Second World War, where she’s ready for her husband to return again from battle. The kids have a illness which suggests they can’t be touched by direct daylight with out being hurt in some way. They are going to live alone there with oppressive, strange and almost religious guidelines until she needs to hire a group of servants for them. Their arrival will unintentionally begin to break the rules with sudden penalties.

Director: Alejandro Amenábar | Stars: Nicole KidmanChristopher Eccleston,Fionnula FlanaganAlakina Mann

Gross: $96.52M

9. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Paranormal Activity

IMDB 6.3

68 Metascore

A young couple, Katie and Micah, transfer into a brand new home and Micah records their life on his video digicam. After unusual events in the night time, Katie admits that as a young baby, she had as soon as experienced a ghostly presence in her room. She sensed its malevolence and now worries that it may now have followed her to their new place. Micah is skeptical and units up his camera of their bedroom to document any overnight activity. After a number of days, they see their bedroom door move and it is clear there’s a presence in their home. A lot worse is yet to come.

Director: Oren Peli | Stars: Katie FeatherstonMicah SloatMark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong

Gross: $107.92M

10. Pulse (2001)

Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi


IMDB 6.6

70 Metascore

After one of their friends commits suicide, unusual things start taking place to a gaggle of younger Tokyo residents. Certainly one of them sees visions of his useless buddy within the shadows on the wall, whereas one other’s laptop retains displaying unusual, ghostly photographs. Is their buddy attempting to contact them from past the grave, or is there one thing far more sinister occurring?

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa | Stars: Haruhiko KatôKumiko AsôKoyuki,Kurume Arisaka

 Gross: $0.05M

11. Cure (1997)

Crime, Horror, Mystery


IMDB  7.4
70 Metascore

A wave of grotesque murders is sweeping Tokyo. The one connection is a bloody X carved into the neck of every of the victims. In every case, the assassin is discovered close to the sufferer and remembers nothing of the crime. Detective Takabe and psychologist Sakuma are referred to as in to determine the connection, however their investigation goes nowhere. An odd younger man is arrested close to the scene of the most recent homicide, who has a wierd impact on everybody who comes into contact with him. Detective Takabe begins a collection of interrogations to find out the person’s reference to the killings.

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa | Stars: Masato HagiwaraKôji Yakusho,Tsuyoshi UjikiAnna Nakagawa

Gross: $0.09M

12. Safe (1995)



IMDB 7.2

76 Metascore

An prosperous and unexceptional homemaker within the suburbs develops a number of chemical sensitivity.

Director: Todd Haynes | Stars: Julianne MooreXander BerkeleyDean NorrisJulie Burgess

 Gross: $0.51M

13. Benny’s Video (1992)

Crime, Drama

Benny's Video

IMDB  7.2

60 Metascore

A 14-year-old video enthusiast is so caught up in movie fantasy that he can no longer relate to the real world, to such an extent that he commits homicide and data an on-camera confession for his mother and father.

Director: Michael Haneke | Stars: Arno FrischAngela WinklerUlrich Mühe,Ingrid Stassner

14. Funny Games (1997)

Crime, Drama, Horror

Funny Games

IMDB 7.6

69 Metascore

Two violent young males take a mother, father, and son hostage of their trip cabin and pressure them to play sadistic “video games” with each other for their very own amusement.

Director: Michael Haneke | Stars: Susanne LotharUlrich MüheArno Frisch, Frank Giering

15. Antichrist (2009)

Drama, Horror


 IMDB 6.6

49 Metascore

A grieving couple retreat to their cabin within the woods, hoping to restore their damaged hearts and troubled marriage, however nature takes its course and issues go from dangerous to worse.

Director: Lars von Trier | Stars: Willem DafoeCharlotte GainsbourgStorm Acheche Sahlstrøm

Gross: $0.40M

16. The Shining (1980)

Drama, Horror

The Shining

 IMDB 8.4

63 Metascore

A household heads to an remoted resort for the winter the place an evil non secular presence influences the daddy into violence, whereas his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the previous and of the long run.

Director: Stanley Kubrick | Stars: Jack NicholsonShelley DuvallDanny LloydScatman Crothers

 Gross: $44.02M

17.The Descent (2005)

 Adventure | Horror | Thriller
The Descent
IMDB  7.2/10 

After a tragic accident, six pals reunite for a caving expedition. Their journey quickly goes horribly fallacious when a collapse traps them deep underground they usually discover themselves pursued by bloodthirsty creatures. As their friendships deteriorate, they discover themselves in a determined wrestle to outlive the creatures and one another.

Director: Neil Marshall
Stars: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie M

18. Martyrs (2008)



IMDB  7.1

A younger lady’s quest for revenge towards the individuals who kidnapped and tormented her as a baby leads her and a buddy, who can also be a sufferer of kid abuse, on a terrifying journey right into a dwelling hell of depravity.

Director: Pascal Laugier | Stars: Morjana AlaouiMylène JampanoïCatherine BéginRobert Toupin

19. Audition (1999)

Drama, Horror, Mystery


IMDB 7.2

69 Metascore

A widower takes a proposal to display women at a particular audition, organized for him by a buddy to seek out him a brand new spouse. The one he fancies will not be who she seems to be in any case.

Director: Takashi Miike | Stars: Ryo IshibashiEihi ShiinaTetsu SawakiJun Kunimura

20. A Dark Song (2016)

Fantasy, Horror

A Dark Song

IMDB 6.1

71 Metascore

A decided younger lady and a broken occultist danger their lives and souls to carry out a harmful ritual that can grant them what they need.

Sophia Howard rents a home within the countryside of Wales and hires the occultist Joseph Solomon to contact her son that was kidnapped and murdered by youngsters practising black magic. Alongside the times, Sophia follows the steerage of Solomon in rituals to purify her soul. Nevertheless, Sophia has a hidden agenda that jeopardizes their lives.

Director: Liam Gavin | Stars: Steve OramCatherine WalkerSusan LoughnaneMark Huberman

21. Saw (2004)

Horror, Thriller, Thriller


IMDB 7.6

46 Metascore

Waking up in a undisclosed location in a unknown room two males, adam and gordon are trapped right into a single room with a useless physique. Given random instruments with riddles hidnen across the room. Questioning who might have achieved this there are clues to who would possibly of achieved it; the jigsaw killer. The query isn’t just who however why would a serial killer go away two males in a room. Each adam and gordon hiding secrets and techniques they have to belief and work collectively to get out or die…can they survive Jigsaw’s sport or die attempting?

Director: James Wan | Stars: Cary ElwesLeigh WhannellDanny Glover, Ken Leung

Gross: $56.00M

22. The Mist (2007)

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

The Mist

IMDB 7.2

58 Metascore

When a thick fog descends upon a rural neighborhood and claims the lives of anybody unlucky sufficient to be caught outdoors, a small band of survivors seeks refuge in an area grocery retailer. Now trapped in a darkened cloud of pure horror, the frightened denizens of the city are compelled to fend off an advancing horde of murderous monsters.

Director: Frank Darabont | Stars: Thomas JaneMarcia Homosexual HardenLaurie HoldenAndre Braugher

Gross: $25.59M

23. High Tension (2003)

Horror, Thriller

High Tension

IMDB 6.8
42 Metascore

Greatest pals Marie and Alexia resolve to spend a quiet weekend at Alexia’s mother and father’ secluded farmhouse. However on the evening of their arrival, the ladies’ idyllic getaway turns into an limitless evening of horror.

Director: Alexandre Aja | Stars: Cécile de FranceMaïwennPhilippe Nahon, Franck Khalfoun

 Gross: $3.68M

24. Hereditary (2018)

Drama, Horror, Mystery


IMDB 7.3
87 Metascore

When her mentally ill mom passes away, a lady named Annie (Toni Collette) and her husband (Gabriel Byrne), son (Alex Wolff) and daughter (Milly Shapiro) all mourn her loss. The household flip to totally different means to deal with their grief, together with Annie and her daughter each flirting with the supernatural. They every start to have disturbing, otherworldly experiences linked to the sinister secrets and techniques and emotional trauma which have been handed by means of the generations of their household.

Director: Ari Aster | Stars: Toni ColletteMilly ShapiroGabriel ByrneAlex Wolff

Gross: $44.07M

25. Apostle (2018)

Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Apostle Horror Movies

IMDB 6.3

62 Metascore

The 12 months is 1905. Thomas Richardson travels to a distant island to rescue his sister after she’s kidnapped by a mysterious spiritual cult demanding a ransom for her protected return. It quickly turns into clear that the cult will remorse the day it baited this man, as he digs deeper and deeper into the secrets and techniques and lies upon which the commune is constructed.

Director: Gareth Evans | Stars: Dan StevensRichard ElfynPaul HigginsBill Milner

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