How To Create An Online Survey using Google Form

How to create online survey
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How To Create An Online Survey Using Google Form


Create a simple “survey” form

  1. Click on the Forms web app icon. 
  2. One click. 
  3. Survey setup. 
  4. Add and edit questions. 
  5. Edit the Survey Completion Confirmation. …
  6. Distribute the survey. 
  7. View responses. 
  8. Edit the survey later.

1. Click on the Forms web app icon

The Forms icon will be listed alongside your other Chrome web apps, which appear when you add a new tab.

Figure B

Google Forms web app icon

2. One click


The “one click” Forms web app opens a new browser tab, filled with a blank Form.

Figure C

Online Survey
New Google Form page

3. Survey setup

Give your online survey a suitable title, along with an explanatory sentence or two.

3 checkbox options display at the top of the survey:

  • Allow users to edit responses
  • Require sign-in to view this form
  • Automatically collect respondent’s user name

I recommend you leave all three of these unchecked, unless you are certain that all of your respondents will have either Google or Google Apps accounts.

4. Add and edit questions

Next, add your questions. Each question has a Question Title and Help Text field. The Help Text field can be used to explain a ranking system (e.g., “Use 5 to indicate the best, 1 the worst.”).

Each question  has a checkbox option to “Make this a required question”. Use this only if the information truly is essential. i:e you might require a person’s name on a lunch menu survey.

Figure D

Create online Survey using  google form
When you move the cursor over a question, editing controls appear. Click the pencil icon to edit.

Google Forms offers 7 distinct question types:

  • Text, for short answers;
  • Paragraph text, for essay-length responses;
  • Multiple choice, where one response from many may be selected;
  • Check boxes, where multiple items may be selected;
  • Choose from a list (useful for demographic category questions, for example);
  • Scale, for ranking items from 0 to 10; and
  • Grid, for providing a response from 1 to 5.

If your online survey form is particularly long, add Section Headers or Page Breaks between questions. Insert these items by clicking on “+Add Item” menu in the upper left at the top of the form.

Figure E

How to Create online Survey
Divide long surveys into sections or pages

5. Edit the Survey Completion Confirmation

Customize the text message that respondents will see after completing the survey. To do this, click on the “More actions” drop-down menu found in the upper right corner, then select “edit confirmation”. Be sure to thank people for their response.

Figure F

Create online Survey form
Survey completion confirmation

6. Distribute the survey

Click on “email this form” to distribute the survey.

Figure G

How to Create online survey using google form 2
Email link to the survey

Alternatively, you can distribute a link to the survey on Facebook.

Figure H

How to create online survey 2
Share a survey on Google+

7. View responses

Survey responses gather in a spreadsheet saved to your Google Drive. Open the spreadsheet to view the responses.

Figure I

How to create online Survey with help of google form
View responses in your Google Drive spreadsheet

8. Edit the survey later

Should you need to edit the Google Form later, open the spreadsheet from your Google Drive. Click on the “Form” menu item, and choose “Edit Form”. This will return you to the original screen used to create the survey.

Figure J

Create online survey 3
Edit your Form later


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