Best 25 Horror Movies of All Time

Best Horror Movies of All time

5. The Wicker Man (1973)

The movie: a bit woman has gone missing on Summerisle, an associate isolated island off the coast of the European country. however once Sgt Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives in research, the locals appear reluctant to assist. they are a lot of inquisitive about making ready for his or her elaborate might Day celebrations.


Why it’s scary: The Wicker Man should not work. it is an omnium-gatherum of genres that throws in comedy and surreal musical numbers aboard pictures of utter horror. however, that is why it will work. it is the inherent separateness to Summerisle, the tonally incoherent, perpetually shocking, onward-creeping wrongness – amplified by the normality felt by its residents – that creates this during all|one amongst|one in every of} the best items of ‘stranger in a strange land’ horror ever recorded.

4. The Thing (1982)

The movie: A shapeshifting alien stalks the inhabitants of associate Antarctic analysis station, masquerading mutually of them till it gets a chance to attack. John Carpenter’s remake of the Nineteen Fifties sci-fi The factor From Another World ramps up the gore and also the psychosis and ends on a note of resignation, not triumph.

Why it’s scary: That paranoid atmosphere, for one factor. The Thing’s oppressive, one-second-from-doom ambiance ne’er lets up for a flash, amplified by good, tightly-wound performances throughout. And it’s not possible to over-value The Thing’s ground-breaking (and award-winning) camera work, that unleash more and more freakish, hybrid nightmare creatures which will follow you for keeps.

3. Alien (1979)

The movie: Arguably one among the best fantasy movies ever created is additionally one among the best horror movies, as director marine turtle Scott sends the crew of the Nostromo off {to investigate|to research|to associatealyze} a signal from an abandoned alien ballistic capsule as innocently as any gang of secretion teenagers headed off to a foreign cabin within the woods.

Why it’s scary: there is obscurity a lot of awfully isolated than a ballistic capsule light-weight years far away from home. And Giger’s alien is as alarming a monster as you’ll like for. The dread goes abundant deeper than teeth and claws. The creature represents a multilayered, bottomless pit of mental representation horror, its terribly type praying on a raft of primal terrors. and also the visual ambiguity of Scott’s direction throughout the ultimate act – throughout that the high-tech environments virtually merge with the monster’s biomechanical countenance – area unit a masterclass in ‘What’s that within the shadows?’ tension.

2. The Shining (1980)

The movie: All work and no play makes Jack (Jack Nicholson) into a raving lunatic. The Shining could be a story of isolation and terror, and from all accounts director Kubrick did his best to torment his solid and crew whereas they were creating the film, tightened up to 127 takes of one scene. The result’s a delirious viewing expertise that’ll cause you to rethink that athletics vacation.

Why it’s scary: The deliberate pacing and psychoneurotic attention to detail add up to a hypnotic horror that is not possible to appear far away from. Weird party guests injury from the pinnacle, elevators that gush blood, creepy twins, associate fanatic restroom break… The Shining features a heap of fantastic imaging, however, the achievement is that it’s all couched in fantastic, claustrophobic, slow-burn psychological menace.

1. The Exorcist (1973)

The movie: once messing with an Ouija, Regan (Linda Blair) starts acting weirdly. And not simply acting weirdly in an exceedingly traditional immature quite way: she talks backward, scuttles around the house sort of a crab, and will unspeakable things with crucifixes. Her mother calls in an exceeding number of Catholic clergymen to solid out Regan’s demons, however, it will not be straightforward.

Why it’s scary: It quite merely has the foremost evil-soaked atmosphere of any film ever created. The Exorcist is relentless in its determination to creep you out, however, ignore the scares for a flash associated you are still left with an exceptionally good and complex film that demands your unreserved attention and has unbroken folks lecture today. A true medium masterpiece that with great care happens to be associate edge-of-your-seat scare-fest too.

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