12 Daily Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Bad Breath

bad breath symptoms
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Can bad breath be cured?

A common question I receive is whether or not bad breath is curable and/or preventable. Some individuals believe that bad breath is simply preventable by ever-changing their oral hygiene habits. Rest believe that bad breath can be cured from returning.

Bad Breath Symptoms

Infections or chronic inflammation within the nose, sinuses or throat, which might contribute to postnasal drip, can also cause bad breath. Other causes. Diseases, such as some cancers, and conditions like metabolic disorders, can cause a particular breath odor as a result of the chemicals they manufacture.

Does apple cider vinegar help bad breath?

Apple cider vinegar is good at balancing pH levels which makes it quite effective at curing bad breath. Take a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar and after adding it to a glass of water, drink the solution before taking food or meal. This will do great for your digestion and treat bad breath.


Dental hygiene is crucial, but brushing your teeth twice a day and chewing gum may not be sufficient. Even after that everyday routine, you might still have bad breath. There are scientifically confirmed cases of what may be the explanations behind bad breath.

We at Daily Top Information did some analysis and put together a list of dental hygiene do’s and don’ts. Be ready to change your daily routine!

12. Drink loads of water.

Water is by no means an unhealthy idea. A sufficient quantity of water stimulates your salivary flow and helps to avoid dehydration, which is usually a reason for halitosis.

Advice: Make it a habit to have a few sips of water each time someone calls your name at the college or at work.

11. Don’t drink an excessive amount of coffee.

We know  sip of coffee is necessary in the morning. However don’t be too keen on this drink. Caffeine can slow down saliva production and, due to this fact, dry out your mouth. This may lead to that breath odor. It’s better to drink a cup of tea during your lunch and dinner.

Recommendation: Sipping green tea also can help neutralize the scent of garlic.

10. Clean your dentures.

Caring in your dentures is as essential as caring for your teeth, so you must deal with them accordingly. Follow the same oral hygiene that you’d along with your original teeth. Make a habit of cleansing them at night time to do away with bacterial buildup from food.

9. Remember to floss after each meal.

Any food particles which stay in between your tooth for too lengthy act in the exact same means as if you left your trash bin full — they stink. The bacteria from meals go deep under the gumline and should lead not only to bad breath but also to an infection. That’s why flossing is no much less important than brushing your tooth.

8. Change your toothbrush every 3 months.

Time flies when we are busy, and we could not notice how quickly our toothbrush will get old. An outdated toothbrush may be as unsafe to use as merely adding more bacteria to your mouth. So changing your toothbrush often is important.

Recommendation: Change your toothbrush after a bout of the flu so you don’t bring these outdated germs back to your body again.

7. Do not neglect your tongue.

Whenever you brush your teeth in the morning, keep in mind to clean your tongue with the tongue scraper. It has been shown to reduce odor by up to as much as 70%.

Recommendation: To kill 2 birds with one stone, you may get a toothbrush with a tongue and cheek cleaner on the back.

6. Go for alcohol-free mouthwash.

Many manufacturers of mouth rinse contain up to 27% of alcohol in their ingredients. It dries out your mouth, and, as we have already learned, brings an unpleasant odor after that minty freshness wears off within an hour. So next time you store for mouthwash, examine the label completely to make sure alcohol is not listed.

Advice: A mouthwash containing chlorhexidine may stain your teeth over time.

5. Keep away from sugar mints.

Sugar is usually added to the mints we are eager to take after a meal. And that is precisely what helps the bacteria in our mouth to grow. It may also make your bad breath worse as soon as the gum or mint is gone. Thus we can make the conclusion that sweetened fresheners aren’t for the long run. If you have to use mints, go for the sugar-free type.

4. Be aware of the medicine you’re taking.

Such medicines as antidepressants, painkillers, and antihistamines may suppress saliva circulation and can be the reason for a chronic dry mouth.

Recommendation: Keep in mind to ask your physician concerning the unwanted effects of any prescribed medicines.

3. Examine for tonsil stones.

If you’re not aware, tonsil stones are a mixture of debris and bacteria that sit in the back of the throat. They appear to be white spots or bumps and smell really nasty. To stop them from occurring, simply make sure you follow a correct hygiene routine and go to your dentist regularly.

2. Watch your scales.

Another danger factor for halitosis is weight problems. Tel Aviv University researchers have published a research that found a direct link between being overweight and having bad breath: the extra overweight you’re, the more likely your breath won’t be as pleasant as you want to.

1. Say no to a low-carb food plan.

Those who are keen on Atkins and low-carb diets will acknowledge the word “ketosis.” That is a process which forces the body to burn saved fats and proteins for power on account of lack of carbs. If your food plan is too strict, your body will release such chemicals as ketones that cause odor.

With these guidelines, your breath will likely be healthy and extra people will gladly strike up a conversation with you!

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